One of America’s foremost contemporary realist, Akers is recognized for his expertise in watercolor, drybrush and egg tempera. The word “tempera” means to blend or mix and it is a brilliant, semi- translucent paint that dries almost instantly. Akers is particularly known for his highly worked paintings in egg tempera, a technique in which dried pigments are mixed with egg yolk and distilled water and layered in thin brush strokes on a gessoed panel. Akers egg temperas are built up of hundreds of layers, using the technique of cross hatching small strokes of color that are layered over one another to achieve subtle tonal effects. It is such a demanding technique that it literally a labor of love.

Gary Akers in his Kentucky log cabin studio.


The Green Schoolhouse Gallery
on the St George Penninsula, Maine

The artist has been painting in Maine every summer since he received an international grant in 1976 (only four awarded worldwide) from the Greenshields Foundation of Montreal to further his egg tempera work.

For over a century, Midcoast Maine has been a magnet for artists drawn by its natural beauty, it’s distinctive architecture, and a way of life connected to the sea. Gary’s own quiet, gentle, and perceptive personality opened up a striking way of seeing and capturing the profound stillness and solitude of this place. From his earliest days as an artist Gary Akers has been paying very close attention with gifted eyes to the exquisite detail of all that is around us. He dedicated his life to achieving the skill level required to translate what he was seeing into works which we can appreciate and learn from. And as a special bonus those same works provide to us the gift of experiencing the simplicity, serenity and beauty which is the soul and spirit of Midcoast Maine.


“Whatever medium he is painting, he applies it with the “Hand of a Master”, with his gentle brush strokes he invites you to a world we all long for, the cool ocean breeze, the ray of light setting on a window box of flowers or the lighthouse standing proudly on the waters edge. He flawlessly captures light and shadows in his subjects, which is preserved for all to absorb and appreciate. Gary Akers’ work encompasses contemporary realism at its best.”
- Richard Lynch, President of Hammer Galleries NYC

Painting in The Green Schoolhouse Gallery, Maine


Gary Akers during an art exhibition.

Akers has been awarded numerous awards, including the American Watercolor Society founded in 1866 which is the oldest and most prestigious in America, of which he is a signature member. Akers’ watercolor “Days Gone By” was accepted for the 150th annual International of the American Watercolor Society.

Gary Akers’ work has been included on in the collection of the White House, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, the Ogunquit Art Museum, the Owensboro Museum of Art, the Ross Collection New York City, Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard, United States Embassy Bamako, Ambassador Reinke, United States Embassy Montenegro. Akers has exhibited at many museums including the National Academy of Design, the Frye Museum of Art, the Asheville Art Museum, the Speed Museum, Canton Art Institute, Keiser Art Center, the Artists of America Exhibition and the Great America Artist.


Two major books of Akers’ art have been published, each with images of over 100 of his paintings: “Kentucky Land of Beauty” and “Memories of Maine”. Over the past two decades, Akers has been featured in many books and periodicals including the Art of Watercolour , an International publication from Paris, France, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist, American Art Collector, and Maine Home + Design. Akers has appeared in many television and film interviews, most notably in Gary Akers: A Quiet Way of Life, featured on Emmy award winning weekly TV Series KENTUCKY LIFE, Gary Akers Micro Documentary, and a documentary series about the artist is in pre-production.

Akers lives in Kentucky where he spends winter months painting in his restored 19th century log cabin studio. Summers are spent in Maine, where he paints the rugged coast. In 1995 he and his wife Lynn Rita purchased the charming George’s River Road Schoolhouse, know as the The Green Schoolhouse for his Gallery and Studio, located two miles down the beautiful St. George peninsula.

The artist at his Kentucky log cabin studio.


Gary Akers in his Kentucky studio

For information pertaining to purchase original paintings, Giclee prints, limited edition prints, Gary Akers: A Quiet Way of Life DVD, and commission work by Gary Akers, please contact:

P.O. Box 100
Union, Kentucky 41091


Gary Akers is often commissioned to paint original egg tempera, drybrush or watercolor paintings of specific subjects.

The price of a commission is based on the size and chosen medium for the work. For more information or a proposal, please contact Gary Akers.


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